Well, here we are again. Christmas time is upon us and it suddenly becomes a time to revel in the company of those we love and reflect on the events that amounted to our year.

We talk of priceless moments we’ve shared with each other, and with others that aren’t able to join us. Enjoying homemade traditions and reminiscing on memories we’ve shared. There is no better feeling, all year round, that even compares. There is just something about Christmas that somehow finds a way to touch us all in some way.

This Time of Year…

For the last, hmmm… let’s say eight months, I have been dealing with three main individuals whom consistently and habitually jump to conclusions regarding my own personal thoughts and feelings. I am begging someone to teach me how to read someone’s mind… because that is definitely one skill I have never mastered. These particular people don’t just jump to the most obvious conclusion either. They assume that when they can’t see what I am doing, hear what I am saying, or any possible unknown factor is involved that I am the most horrible person in the world. Now, I have always strived to be the most honest, open, humble, simple, and straightforward person I am able to be. But for some reason, these three individuals whom have known me for a majority of my life believe me to be none of those things.

I am so tired of being second-guessed and doubted. When I kept to myself I had no one else to answer to. I only had to worry about myself, my dog, and my cat. Everytime I tell one of these people that I missed their call because I was sleeping, or maybe in the shower… normal everyday things… they somehow think I set fire to their house, killed one of their family members, or am having them arrested (obviously these are completely off the wall scenarios and these are not the specific things they really think… but they are just as exaggerated).

Overanalyzed Assumptions