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This New Chapter

I understand it has been months, and months, and months since I have written anything on here. My life took an unexpected turn and I wasn’t as focused on my writing as I had been previously. Well, actually looking back it has been extremely sporadic.

I think I have struggled with the vulnerability factor here. Like… what to share and what to hold back. I have a fear of what kind of repercussions could present themselves if I write honestly and vulnerably. However, I am learning that true vulnerability is strength. And sharing my story, even parts of it could truly help someone else. Even if it were just enabling them to identify with someone else having gone through similar things.

So, I have made a decision to be an open book about some things. Making the decision to change my career path kind of pushes me into this sort of work anyway, so why not just spill it all out?! And if not for someone else’s benefit getting all of this out will definitely benefit myself. Even if I just regurgitate the information so it ingrains itself in my mind.

I guess what this post is saying is that very shortly I will share what I have been through in this last year.. and it’s quite a juicy account. 😉

xoxo -Kali

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Well, within the past two weeks I have checked out close to thirty, maybe even forty, books from the local library and blogging, coding, and everything in between… I know I haven’t managed to make this website much of anything yet… but I promise I am getting there!

Here’s my current arsenal of books… 25 total. So then I have probably neared borrowing 60 or 70 books thus far. Haha