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Months Go By…

People are not always who you believe they are. They do not always have pure intentions, as you know you have. I understand why many get so guarded after being taken advantage of and trampled on… repeatedly. But, I WILL NOT LET THIS WORLD HARDEN MY HEART.

In such a short time so much can happen. Thankfully, I’m continually moving forward. I can no longer place expectations on other human beings or circumstances. It IS true what they say… time reveals all.

I’ve made a promise to myself through this all… I will love myself, MORE. Bare minimum is NOT better than nothing at all. I am a unique, once-in-a-lifetime soul. Which can be blessing and a curse. I only want to surround myself with those who can appreciate the passion I possess (for EVERYthing)… those that can’t appreciate all that I am can kick rocks. I deserve better. I deserve to value myself and have others value me. From here on out- I will not settle. I’ve come too far, experienced enough heartbreak to finally sit back and wait for, and work toward, everything that was meant for me.


A proud momma to Pedro, a gorgeous Cane Corso, American Staffordshire Terrier fur-baby. I've recently adopted little Oakley... a Great Pyrenees, German Shepherd, Pit mix puppy and little Oliver, an animated orange kitten. I was proudly raised in the middle of cornfields, barefoot, playing in the dirt. I have grown to appreciate all of God’s land, all that occupy it, and any way I can stay creative on it... including writing.

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