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Suffocating on Memories

I know it’s been a while, I’ve been meaning to visit you… dear journal. Here’s a random memento to appease myself for now.

This time of year always makes me so nostalgic. Many memories flood my mind during these months, not all of them related to the holidays.
No one ever thinks they’re going to get “old…” until it happens to them. I feel my age more and more with each passing day. But the maturity and insight my years have given me is irreplaceable. I couldn’t be more thankful for the experiences I’ve had; good and bad, they’ve all taught me something no matter how small. [Oh, hindsight… lol]
Still- I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m forever blessed to have lived and live the life I have. All the people I’ve met, reason, season, or lifetime… every one of them important in developing my character and evolving my values. Every experience a lesson to be learned. Each day a mystery, but only temporarily. I am obliged to have the open-mind and hopeful heart to realize absolutely nothing is coincidence.
Very grateful for this life and my many blessings. One definitive fact I’ve learned:
God has a plan for my life; when He closes one door, He opens another… one meant just for me.


A proud momma to Pedro, a gorgeous Cane Corso, American Staffordshire Terrier fur-baby. I've recently adopted little Oakley... a Great Pyrenees, German Shepherd, Pit mix puppy and little Oliver, an animated orange kitten. I was proudly raised in the middle of cornfields, barefoot, playing in the dirt. I have grown to appreciate all of God’s land, all that occupy it, and any way I can stay creative on it... including writing.

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