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A Narrative from My Past

The day started like any other day previous. I woke up dope-sick and immediately started scheming for ways to find money to cure my daily sickness. For a few days prior, there was this girl named Carmen contacting me to look through a tote of jeans I had listed online. I had been putting her […]

The word “Love” doesn’t cover it…

So this morning I had a ton of thoughts running through my mind about this wonderful person I have been lucky enough to have standing by my side through all the ugliness. I was reluctant to even send it because it’s kind of a messy expression of my feelings for him. However, it felt important […]

Vunerable Weakness

I don’t really understand why, but lately I have been having some serious weak moments. I am trying so hard to remember that I cannot always be this strong person I portray. Something that I have continually struggled with is admitting, asking, or verbalizing moments where I am in need of help or support. I […]